Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The Prince's bride

Starring: Jackie Appiah, John Dumelo, Yvonne Nelson, Gavina Tamakloe.

A very beautiful movie, which also gives morals about trusting people you think you are close to. A rough incident on the street brings two people together and in love. But then Bernice comes into the picture, taking her friends "love interest". Then jealousy, greed and pride go full force in the life of a girl, and what do we expect...usual Nigerian Wickedness.

Yvonne Nelson plays the part of the jealous lady soo well that even I feel her pain. Its unbelieveable how Ghanian movies are produced, directed or filmed by Nigerians and yet our own movies aren't up to their standard. Also, have i stated how much i absolutly love John Dumelo!!!, I mean...anyways, back to business, he plays the Prince part well and Jackie Appiah, looking beautiful as usual.

I cannot think of anything ad about the movie right now, but when i do i will definately add, the only thing i can criticse right now is that hideous pink dress that Jackie wore after he had proposed...i must say, too clingy and it was silk!!!, no no Jackie.ohh!, before i forget, what is with that scene with those girls walking around in their bra!!..come on!!

Rating 5 stars!!

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